Monday, November 10, 2008

Creature Feature

A creature that I've been working on. The concept is by my good friend Daniel Burgos. I made the basemesh from zspheres then took it into XSI for the fingers. Going to retopologize now and finish it up.


Benj Wheeler said...

Yeah dude this is looking excellent Nelson! You've followed the concept quite nicely, really captured those forms and faces well. I guess the upper shoulders need just a little more defining, really make them bulk out more at the top . Also, more volume in the chest to emphasize that upper strength, flowing into those shoulders. I like it a lot man, its saucerific!

eric j valdes said...

yo man great job here dude. i do agree with benj, just work a bit more on the volumes of some parts in the upper body. i know you're not done but its looking pretty kick ass already.