Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alas, the low poly has arrived!

Some low poly work on the creature and the busts. Tried to keep the creature under 7000 triangles and I was pretty lax about the polygon count on the busts. Thanks for the comments everyone, really appreciate it!


Benj Wheeler said...

Oh yeah that's some nice looking lows! The normals turned out perfect man, I especially like your creature character. Do you plan on making a texture for him? Would be interesting to see what colors he would have. A dynamic pose would be cool as well if there's time. Excellent work man, I can tell you've got a good work flow going on. Keep it up and keep challenging yourself! Dominance War IV?

Nelson Izquierdo said...

Thanks man. Yeah textures will be made for my graduating demo reel. This reel is mostly for GDC (modeling and normal transfers). I'm rigging the creature as we speak, so he'll definitely be in a nice pose. I'll be doing DW IV this year for sure man. Keep up the great work and gl in the war!